Top 10 Best Camera Microphone 2019 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Imagine, you went on a trip with your family on a beautiful hillside, made videos and captured some of the most beautiful moments in your life.Camera MicroPhone

You enjoyed every bit of that trip but when you came back home, reviewed all those videos or audio recordings and found out that the sound quality in the videos is near to dead poor, every audio recording whether with video or an image is of poor quality, no word could be sounded clear and now, you can do nothing but delete all those videos and images which were not just any digital data but memories with your family which you captured in a Digital Camera or any other DSLR Camera device. What would that feeling be?

Just think for a bit of time that would not you be wanting everything to be perfect at such times, in this case, the audio quality of the device you used while recording those moments.

With that being said, I would very much like to suggest you the Best Camera Microphone which would definitely not let you down when you will be talking out your emotions in all the videos you record containing all the worldly moments of your life.

Best Camera Microphone 2019 – Best Shotgun Mic for DSLR

Audio-Technica is a Japanese company manufacturing Professional Camera Microphones, headphones, and other audio equipment. They have manufactured a beautiful camera microphone about which I am telling you. I can be confident in suggesting this device because I have used it myself.

This Pro 24-CM is a stereo camera microphone for Vlog designed to attach to a camcorder with an accessory shoe and stereo microphone input.

Audio-Technica PRO 24-CM Stereo Condenser Microphone – Best Camera Microphone

It is very light in weight, tough in construction and very much portable giving you no extra concern to take it with yourself.Audio-Technica PRO 24-CM

I was in a situation where I was having a problem with the audio while recording videos and had nowhere to go. A friend of mine who came with me handed me over this Best Mic for DSLR which he bought last week, he told me it is good but when I used it, I told him that he was wrong, it is not good, it is exceptional, providing a great quality audio recording which beautified my YouTube videos as well.

If I talk about its features, it has a pair of cardioid condenser elements which provide spatial impact and high fidelity stereo sound. It operates without any charging issue because it gets its power when plugged into the recording device at the mic input, but it is designed for battery operation as well and we are getting his compact, tough product in under a hundred, pretty deal.

As I have mentioned its portability before, it is compact in size so there is not much of a problem carrying it around with oneself. It has an on/off switch making it easy to operate. It includes a camera mount, battery, protective pouch and a windscreen with its box.

Any issue that may be with its on/off button is that if anyone is a forgetful type and he forgot to switch it off, then again when he will go back to record anything, he will find a dead battery microphone so if you are of that type, keep extra batteries with you when you go for recording.

It is good with some camcorders and not with some others but as long as there is a camera microphone plugin available in the device which you are using for recording, it will work.

  • Compact Design
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Tough in construction
  • battery/battery-free operation

  • Manual on/off switch
  • No bass response

A VideoMic best mic for DSLR can help the videographer in making top quality videos for their shows and digital media forums. If a microphone is superb then it can enhance the results of recorded mics for video.Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone

Your mike can be a valuable gadget with which you can add state of the art audio clips to your videos as you record your shows or interviews. If you are an outdoor enthusiast you can capture the sounds of birds and forests while making the videos of your favorite lake or camping location.

Investing in a hi-fi mike should be your priority if you want to make videos that can capture the interest of your audience. Therefore, there are plenty of mikes in the market with which you can record excellent videos with a camera microphone. You may have to search for the right microphone that is compatible with your camera equipment before you can start your video capturing process.

What do I like in Best Microphone for DSLR?

Therefore we introduce Rode VideoMic GO Camera Microphone that has been manufactured with a compact and lightweight design to offer clear and clean directional audio.

This mike can be used very easily because of its streamlined framework. The incorporated Rycote Lyre shock mount provides a supporting structure to the camera microphone that secures it from any movements that might interfere in the sound recording process.

The mike has been developed with durable thermoplastic and the Lyre offers top class acoustic shock absorption material and that can stay in incredibly reliable shape without any depreciation, sagging or snapping.

Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight Microphone is made with a sleekly designed structure and it can be connected with your camera’s exterior mike input. The mike can work without any batteries on the camera’s power source making sure that you never miss a perfect picture.

The VideoMic GO is designed without any complex switches or settings so that any photographer or videographer can use it with convenience.

Rode VideoMic GO has many excellent features and it can be used to capture audio with excellent results. You can connect this mike to your camera or use it individually for audio recording.

The mike comes at a reasonable price and offers a sleek design for all the videographers who want a compact microphone for capturing audio in any type of environment. Therefore, you can buy it to make videos of any type of event conveniently. According to the experts, you can use this best DSLR microphone for making videos with excellent quality audio output for all the social media platforms.

  • Quality directional mike
  • Work without battery
  • Rycote Lyre shock mounting
  • Durable ABS design
  • Windshield provided
  • Mini-jack output

  • Outdoor environment
  • Dual mono mike
  • Easy to break

The ATR-3350 usually called Audio Technica 3350 by its product name is one of the omnidirectional condenser Mic that is known for its lavalier attributes. The mike is sold at a cheap price.Audio-Technica ATR3350 Omnidirectional

You might be interested in finding out what is lavalier. When it comes to podcasting mikes the first picture that comes in our mind is of a mike connected to a holder at a desk in one of the permanent recording zones.

What do I like in Omni Directional Microphone?

Therefore, you might be amazed to learn that Lavaliers are one of the small mikes that can be attached to your apparels like the mikes that can be viewed in different talk shows.

The lavalier mikes are positioned as necessary equipment in the sound recording product-line. You might be curious about finding out how does the ATR-3350 rank when it comes to finding a perfect microphone for DSLR.

Who can benefit from ATR-3350 Lavalier Mikes?

Usually, lavalier is referred by their short name of ‘lav mikes’ because they are used by television hosts and public speakers. They are also used by the theatre actors or anyone who has to conduct in a show. These mikes are small yet easy to carry and you can keep them concealed in your garments or hide them in the pocket of your shirt. They also allow the talk show hosts to do their job by emphasizing on the content without worrying about holding a mike or getting at a close distance to the one.

Lavalier Mic can help the Interviewers in Carrying out the Interview Easily

If you consider this directional microphone in the context of podcasting there are a few factors that definitely make this mike very helpful. If you carry out plenty of interviews you may find some people who are unused to sound recording.

These people may not be able to talk comfortably if you hold a camera microphone at a certain distance from them. Attaching a lavalier mike to their apparels can help them to talk freely without concentrating on the microphone while they do their conversation.

At What Places Can You Use The ATR-3350?

You may find it a bit difficult to search for the optimum recording environment at your home or at any event that may occur outside. In this situation, you can utilize this mike to perform the recordings at any suitable location of your choice.

A lavalier mic can be a great gadget for recording in any type of environment. With this type of mike, you can perform the recording while sitting in the car or you may walk while recording your talk show.

  • Lightweight
  • Carried to any Location
  • Excellent Choice
  • Best Design

  • Lavalier mike may be fragile
  • Small framework
  • Not suitable for shows

It would not make any sense if the video recording you made is of high quality but the sound in it is as much poor as good is the video quality, right?.Tascam TM-2X Stereo X-Y Microphone

it would make you feel that all your effort to make one video, a beautiful memory has gone waste. If the video is of high quality, so should be the sound to make it a perfect package.

Now, you require a device that will definitely give you that perfect package right away and if I may suggest you one, go for Tascam TM-2X Stereo X-Y camera microphone which has all the quality you might require.

It has directional condenser external microphones for DSLR, same as which are equipped in our highly regarded recorders of DR series. Speaking of its structure, it has an X-Y pattern and the two microphone capsules are perfect for getting a true representation of an aural atmosphere whether it’s sound from a wide area or from just in front of the DSLR Camera. So we can say that this sleek device records an immaculate sound that fits naturally with the video

A considerably good deal to be considered is that this device maintains the sound quality while having high sound pressure which is up to 120db. If I am to be asked then for this particular quality, I have got what I wanted and I got it just under a hundred dollars. My pocket is safe!!

What do I like in External Microphone for Camera?

Tascam is a company that keeps on developing devices which focus on the design of the analog circuits behind the mic caps and due to this, the mic achieves a high performance regarding the sound quality with a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz.

If there is a situation that you don’t want to carry a camcorder and just want to make a video on your android phone, well you can connect this device with your phone and record whatever you want with a high-quality sound along with your high-quality video. That is ease which is not given with every device.

As if goods are to be discussed, so as the bads. This device does not have a battery, it gets power from the camcorder when plugged in. Some camcorders do not supply power so it will be a waste to buy this product in this scenario. The external arm is made up of light plastic and will not bear too much mishandling. It would have been great if the hot-shoe connector had been made of metal but it is of plastic too thus, very much brittle.

Compatibility could be another issue regarding its functionality. I had a SONY video camera and a friend of mine had a SONY DSLR, unfortunately, this microphone was not compatible with both of them.

I sold my SONY video camera and bought another camcorder and used the microphone with it. For me, it was easy because I had saved some money so I bought a new camcorder but if I only had the money of buying just the mic and then had this problem, it would have been a total disaster for me.

There are some flaws in this compact device as nothing is perfect in this world but overall, it is worth the money.

  • X-y design
  • 2 directional condenser mics
  • High sound quality
  • Inexpensive

  • Does not have a battery
  • compatibility issue
  • A bit brittle

The Rode VideoMic pro offers a new shotgun mic design that is perfect for use with DSLR cameras and camcorders.Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone

It provides reliable noise filtering that has been greatly reduced using a redesigned more trendy yet smooth mounting system and a less weight cable.

What do I like in Best Camera Microphone?

The external microphone is equipped with top-quality condenser component with a supercardioid sound capturing mechanism to record the sounds from the front while reducing the extra noises from the different sides.

An incorporated shock mount mechanism and windscreen that is covered with high-quality material offers plenty of noise reduction in capturing the sound making the recordings clear.

On the back side of the mike, you can view a three-way level mechanism that provides -10dB, 0dB, and +20dB configurations. The mike also offers a two-step high-quality filter with 0 to 80Hz setup options that allow minimizing the effect of low-level hum together with camera motor noise and other distractions.

The mike is built with an easily configurable camera shoe and a 3/8 inch or (0.375-inch mount) with a threaded design that can be conveniently connected to the cameras and other recording equipment. External Microphone’s 1/8” inch (3.5mm) jack that is suitable for connecting the mike with plenty of cameras and other devices. The VideoMic Pro works for up to seventy hours on one 9V battery, enabling you to capture videos for plenty of time without new power sources.

The mike can offer almost noise-less recording to the cameramen who have Canon DSLR cameras. For best performance you can attach the Rode Videomic Pro shotgun microphone to the Canon DSLR camera and set the dB configuration to +20 and setting the manually changeable sound limit setting on the camera to about twenty percent, you can obtain an almost noise-less recording. This sound set is also mentioned in the camera’s manual.

If you are capturing a video with DSLR and you need top-quality sound capturing camera microphone then you can obtain Rode VideoMic Pro at the suitable price. Anything less than this microphone may not offer the required results.

For optimum performance, you should turn the microphone on and plug it to the camera. The switch that is on top of the shotgun microphone should be adjusted to high pass filter mode. The switch at the bottom side of the camera should be adjusted to +20 dB.

Then you should turn on the camera. You should view the audio settings and turn its configuration to manual in shotgun camera microphone. Set the audio configurations to the lowest possible levels then increase them by four points. With these settings, you can obtain the best sound capturing results from the Rode VideoMic Pro.

  • High-tech recording standard
  • Condenser microphone
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • 7 hours Battery life

  • Easily bent minijack cable
  • Careful handling

You may have been considering buying a new microphone for video camera because your mike may not be offering the right type of performance.Azden SMX-10 Microphone

Therefore we will like to introduce Azden SMX-10 mike that can improve the quality of your recording. There are plenty of options when it comes to buying the mike and you may buy the one that is over priced. Azden SMX-10 is the camera microphone is mike made just for your camera.

What do I like Best Microphone for DSLR?

The top microphones are created with seven inch Long Two Unidirectional Electret-Condenser Mic. One of the best features of the microphone is that it can record High-Quality Stereo Directly. The mike is equipped with an attached cable that can work with 3.5 mm jack and supports stereo Mini plug.

Other features include a foam windscreen, low-cut switch to minimize rumble and wind noise, and camera hot-shoe mount.

The microphone works with one Aaa battery that can offer continuous performance for four hundred hours. It comes with a foam windscreen and shock-resisting microphone holder. One of the benefits of recording with this mike is that it offers a low-cut switch that can filter rumble and environment noise. The mike has shoe-mount for the camera.

This best camera microphone is perfect for mounting on smaller size high-quality camcorder. It is designed with compact shotgun style and it captures the sounds in stereo.  The electret-condenser mike is seven inches in length with a 0.7-inch diameter and its weight is nearly 52 grams (without battery).

Although this DSLR microphone might appear like shotgun mike, the SMX-10 is a stereo version with great performance. The recording pattern might be a bit different than other stereo mikes but it still offers a very nice stereo quality.

After capturing sound with Canon GL2 and SMX-10 we found that this mike offers very high-tech results. First, we tested the camera with its built-in microphone in the outside environment to capture the video of birds, there were plenty of noises like sounds of automobiles and other extra noises. When we tested the SMX-10 mike with the camera it showed even better results. There were no background noises and the recording was perfect.

One of the pros of adding an external camera to the phone is that the capturing of sound was excellent. The windscreen did a perfect job of decreasing the wind noise there was very little extra noise from the environment. When we switched to lo-cut mode, it offered a little bit more help. The Azden SMX-10 offered an excellent result for filtering the recording.

  • Lightweight
  • Small size
  • Easier to make best quality sound
  • Very high-tech results

  • Straight plug that is 1/8 inch
  • Outside environment

The RODE Stereo VideoMic is a top-quality stereo technology microphone developed to be used with camcorders and DSLR cameras.Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro On Camera

The Rode Camera microphone can also be used with audio recorders. It consists of two high-definition half inch condenser capsules that are equipped in X/Y stereo alignment that offers a very reliable stereo recording, while still providing a highly reliable rear rejection.

What do I like in Rode Microphone for DSLR?

The Stereo VideoMic is one of the perfect camera microphones for recording sounds in different types of environments. This mike can also be used to capture live music. You can also use this mike for recording the dialogue and directional sounds.

The mike is equipped with shock managing system that enhances the recording quality of Stereo VideoMic capsule coupled with mike’s electronics offering best results when you record different videos in noisy environment reducing the extra rumble.

Its top-notch shoe mount also consists of 3/8 inches thread that is present at the base for easily equipping the mike on a boom pole or stand.

Moreover, the camera microphone’s in-built 40Hz to 20kHz response comes with the configurable high-analyzing sound filter at 80Hz that filters the low-quality noise from air conditioners and automobile traffic from being captured.

One of the 10dB level sound modification mechanism, configurable from the rear side of the rode microphone, facilitates the recording of loud sounds like music or events like motorsport.

Our popular RODE Stereo VideoMic that can be mounted on the camera is developed in Australia and is guaranteed by the Microphone’s leading company for ten years.

After recording your sounds for plenty of time your mike may need new rubber shock bands that can be obtained in a pack from the local store.

If you are searching for new batteries for your RODE Stereo Mike you should buy Alkaline or Lithium batteries for the best type of performance. All RODE mikes have been developed using these types of specifications. For instance, if you use a slightly less power battery the mike may work but it will not offer the performance provided in specifications.

The RODE mike can fit different types of hot shoe mounts of the plenty of cameras, the RODE cold shoe adaptor is of standard size, and it the compatible with plenty of camera attachments.

You can improve your mike’s sound capturing quality if your mike is not offering the right type of results. For example, your camera may not be obtaining the input signal from the mike because of its software. The camera may increase the gained volume recording the extra sounds from the mike.

One of the solutions for this type of sound capturing error is to re-install the software of your camera. This feature of the camera is known as Automatic Gain Control that may be toggled to improve the recording of your videos with the help of RODE mike.

RODE has developed the VideoMic to offer excellent quality recording therefore many times you may not need to enable the Automatic Gain Control feature of your camera.

  • RODE mike can work on plenty of Camera Platforms
  • High-quality sound capturing
  • Cold shoe adaptor

  • Recording the extra sounds
  • Need to configure

Some camera microphones are used excessively for stage recording while there are some which are popular for the recordings in the studios. Those popular for studio recording are referred to as condenser microphones and their resulting audio signal is stronger than a dynamic camera microphone.Shure VP83 LensHopper Camera-Mounted Condenser Microphone

These microphones use a capacitor to convert aural energy into electrical energy. The term “condenser” is actually out of date but this term has stuck as a name for this microphone due to this mechanism of using a capacitor.

For stage recording, the requirement of the mic is different and for the studio, the scenario is different so these condenser mics help in getting the best audio quality in that environment.

Shure is a corporation manufacturing numerous audio products including camera microphones wired/wireless, mixers, digital signal processing systems and many more. Listening products are also manufactured in this corporation like headphones, high-end headphones, and personal monitoring systems.

Now, speaking of the audio products of this company, well, it has developed a very fine condenser microphone named Sure VP83 LensHopper camera mounted condenser microphone. The name is big, as high are the qualities of this super compact device.

This bold product helps its users to capture detailed and high definition audio with camcorders and DSLR cameras, I think that this beauty is designed to provide an all-in-one solution to its users.

If I talk about its composition and features, the controls in it are easily understandable, accessible and it has adjustments for different recording environments. It is developed with a highly indicating super cardioid/lobar polar pattern, it provides higher level off-axis rejection and provides organic audio reproduction. It has a custom designed lyre shock mount which provides robust protection from vibration and any mechanical clangor.

The features, if elaborated a bit more are:

  • Simply accessible controls at the back of the microphone having 3 position gain switch and low-cut filter switch.
  • High definition audio along with a full low-end response.
  • Super cardioid/lobar polar pattern rejects undesired off-axis video.
  • Cohesive lyre shock mounting system.
  • From 1 AA alkaline battery, it gives a 130 hours battery life.
  • Standard size shoe mount with a threaded base.
  • Resistant all metal construction.
  • Lightweight

One of the many good features of this device is its battery indicator. It turns red when the battery gets low and the device will give you plenty of battery warnings before shutting off so there will be enough time for you to change the batteries. It’s very forgiving actually.

This beautiful product comes with many exceptional features like functionality, build and durability and it would have been great if it had come with any zipper or some container with it. Though its package boxes are very sweet, looking them, I thought that I have ordered an apple product. The boxes are very good and I have kept those boxes ever since it has arrived.

When I first bought it, I thought to give it a run so I went with my family for an entertaining tour. I decided to take this microphone with me so that I will make some quality videos along with quality audio.

I have to say that this little device had not disappointed me. when I came back home, watched the videos, by watching the video and hearing the audio, I was so pleased to know that my money and product has not gone waste. Speaking of money, this device is available under 2 hundred dollars soi don’t think it is too much too demand for a device like this.

Overall, I loved using this device.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Easy controls
  • All metal construction
  • Consolidated lyre shock mounting system.
  • Battery indicator

  • Does not come with the batteries.
  • Does not come with any zipper or container.

Rode camera microphone LLC is a designer and manufacturer company for microphones, sound software, and other related camera accessories. It has the products used for any location audio recording, studio records with live sound boosting.Rode VideoMic with Fuzzy Windjammer Kit

There is a good demand of microphones in the market now a days because currently, the whole world has switched to do everything on social media, from updating there3 daily status to making exciting, funny and entertaining videos to show everyone the locations they visit, the food they eat and the joy they have doing all the entertaining stuff.

Rode VideoMic with Fuzzy Windjammer Kit

The Rode VidoMic with Fuzzy Windjammer Kit works very well in both indoor and outdoor settings. It records sound clearly and we have never noticed the hissing noise that occurs in the background. If you are capturing videos at a different type of locations like outdoors or indoors this microphone will work for you.

What do I like in Rode Microphone for DSLR?

Combine your Rode VideoMic with your DSLR Camera to Make Excellent Videos

This Rode VideoMic is an effective microphone for using with DSLR camera to make videos. This mike can be bought for making videos at different locations. If you keep the microphone in the direction of sound you want to record it will offer optimum performance and top quality recording.

As long as you are recording the voice of all those attending the event you can easily filter the noises of objects like cars passing nearby or chirping of birds. The battery performance of this phone is superb. The battery can provide a recording of videos for more than ten hours and it offers top quality results.

This mike is highly recommended over all other camera microphones because the battery performance is best. It can be difficult to change the battery when you are recording the videos at the important event, therefore, you can rely on this mike. This microphone offers the best results for at the right price. The mike is economical yet the audio capturing quality is like one of the expensive microphones. With this DSLR camera microphone, you can even edit the videos and add the voice recorded by the mike in them.

Rode Videomic Shotgun Microphone that comes equipped with Rycote Lyre Mount is mike that is half an inch in length and it is designed to be used with any type of picture capturing digital camera. The latest Rycote Lyre Mount enhances this microphone with the best features. Although the end user video cameras offer the best quality output but most of the time the audio quality of the microphones is lagging.

This mike offers a noteworthy upgrade for state of the art video recording and the people won’t have to spend a budget to obtain the results that can be comparable to professionally captured videos. This mike comes with an attached shock reducing system that allows the video maker to capture the sounds with convenience. The shock reducing mechanism also allows the videographer to carry out smooth recording.

Video and audio recording are also two of the biggest ways to share any latest news from all over the world other than entertainment or including entertainment. The inbuilt microphone of the mobile devices are sufficient enough to get away with daily routine videos but if anyone desires to have an HD sound quality along with his HD video, then there arises a need of the microphone which can provide that deal of quality to oneself. Well, I can tell you that this mic can satisfy you greatly.

Numerous video cameras have a great video quality but there are many among those numerous which do not provide you with enough satisfaction regarding their voice quality.

The camera microphone I am about to discuss now is upgraded to all new levels providing its users with a high-quality sound along with the video.

Rode video mic is a professional grade microphone manufactured for use on any digital camera. Video cameras have very high video quality but they lack sound quality. This device is a perfect upgraded microphone for genuine videographers without getting tensed about the money to buy this device.

An integrated vibration mount system secludes the electronics and VideoMic capsule from the metal shoe and prevents noise or vibration from compromising sound quality. No further adapters are needed, as the metal shoe has a standard 0.375-inch thread to launch sticks. The super cardio polar pattern that focuses on the matter in front of the camera.

The microphone has a high frequency of 80 Hz filter to remove noise such as traffic and air conditioning. A level deviation of -10 and -20dB is selected from the battery section. Customized Auray WSW Windbusters offer dual tornado protection and significantly reduce unwanted broadband noise and screams with a minimal high-frequency loss.

This microphone can also be used with the smartphones which make this product even for ease providing as mobile phones are able to do everything today and people tend to do every task regarding social activities on their lightweight, small sized handheld devices.

Two major problems that come with this device are that it has no warranty and it does not work well in outdoor recordings.

In outdoors, a slight wind sound is like a storm so this problem is a bit nasty kind of a thing for sincere videographers who make youtube videos on a daily routine and it is not a good deal as well for those who earn through videos.

  • Good design
  • Good sound quality
  • Totally in budget
  • Lightweight
  • Compact Size
  • Can be used with smartphones

  • Does not have a warranty
  • Not good at outdoor recordings
  • A bit fragile

This review post is about the Zoom SSH-6 stereo shotgun microphone for In-field interviews. The SSH-6 mid-side stereo shotgun microphone consists of a super-adjustable microphone for capturing sound from the center and from different directions like from both sides.Zoom SSH-6 (stereo) Shotgun Microphone for In-field Interviews

This allows the videographer to capture a completely mono-compatible stereo quality image that is suitable for film and video. This camera microphone also the video makers to create television shows very easily.

For example, the videographer can record the dialogue with the center of mike and then add in the specific amount of environmental sound recorded with the side mike straight to the video. These sounds can also be later added to the video in the postproduction environment. The mike comes with the hairy windshield that can reduce any extra noise that should not be recorded with your videos.

What do I like in DSLR Shotgun Mic?

The SSH-6 medium-side stereo shotgun mike capsule can be connected with the Zoom h5 and H6 handy Recorders and F8m MultiTrack Field Recorders. This mike can also be used with the Q8 Handy Video Recorder and U-44 Handy Audio Interface. You may also link this camera with the F1, F4, F8 MultiTrack Field Recorders and ECM-3 extension wire for Zoom mike capsule.

This mike offers the best of both worlds. The Shotgun mic offers a precise center image and mid-side capturing of sounds that provide a great way of recording stereo quality images that are completely mono-compatible. In scenarios where the environmental sound is too much interfering, the adjustment limit of SSH-6 ‘side’ microphone can be configured for the postproduction to enable the capturing of dialogue by mid mic convenient while offering excellent quality results.

Digital Signal
The mike offers effective digital signal streamlining with the pickup power of a common shotgun mike in a capsule that is half the size of the usual digital sound recording equipment. SSH-6 stereo shotgun mic offers analog-style gain monitoring mechanism for fast setup of input level.

This camera microphone is suitable for making films, videos, and live video environments.

The mike can be expensive for the low budget video and sound capturing, therefore, if you are working on smaller projects then you should use a different mike.

The mike may need a little adjustment to capture sounds, therefore, it may be a bit difficult for the users who have started the video making process.

Professional photographers and video makers select the precise equipment to capture the best visual pictures. Therefore, the audio recording should not be different. Zoom’s original mechanism of configurable input capsules enables the user to always utilize the correct mike for the sound recording.

The capsules adjust with the mike in seconds, allowing the photographer to adjust them simple like the lens of DSLR camera. SSH-6 (stereo) Shotgun Microphone is the best choice for the video makers who want to record the top quality videos with excellent sound.

  • Capsule Design
  • Digital signal streamlining
  • Suitable for making films
  • Offers analog-style
  • Five-volt preamp reduces

  • be expensive
  • Need little adjustment

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