How to Backup Lightroom Photos to External Hard Drive (Step-by-Step Guide)


No doubt, it is good to save all the pictures of photography on the computer’s internal drive. Moreover, you can say it a reliable option for the users to put all the snaps there.

If you look into the other side, one day, your internal storage will full. All the free space will come to an end one time. So, I have a solution to this problem: “how to backup lightroom photos to an external drive.” It would help if you stayed with us till the end of the content.

The solution to the problem can resolve through cloud storage, but it is only helpful for some months or years. What will you do after the end of the given tenure? Moreover, it is very costly to upgrade the memory and the computer’s drive all the time.

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How to Backup Lightroom Photos

Photo backup software is also available.  Only one solution to all the issues is to store the pictures into an external drive. It can do by migrating the entire picture data. I know it is not an easy deal for you, but I have tried my best to help you with the following description.

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Select the Storage

How to organize photos on the external hard drive? Do you have an extensive collection of pictures or concise ones? The storage external device’s selection depends upon the number of photographs that have to shift into the drive.

No doubt, the cost of heavy external storage is very high. But, on the other hand, there are some low-cost drives available in the market. The range starts from only one GB to the maximum. It relies on users.

Many advantages of external drives like the fastest way to save precious pictures to protect from loss. There will not be any damage to these pictures even after some years.

It is not a big problem to use access to transfer the pictures. You need to copy all the images or folder from where you saved and past into the external drive. Do not forget to attach the external drive to connect the laptop as well as the computer. Here are some individual methods to use.

  • Spinning Platter Hard Drive

The spinning platter hard drive has been used very commonly for many years. The best way to organize photos in lightroom is the spinning platter method. The speeds of transferring the pictures or files are breakneck than the others.

In one second, you shift the images at a rate of 150 megabytes. On the other hand, the RPM speed is also 7200. If you have purchased the 4-terabyte drive from the market, then you can save up to 200,000 files within no time. It means that you have an option to save millions of pictures. The cost of these kinds of drives started from $100 to $155. That is not a big issue for professional photographers all the time.

  • Solid State Drive

How to manage photos? Before discussing the solid-state drive, I would like to ask you that these tools’ prices are much higher than the other ones. No doubt, the cost of this drive may decrease due to much competition.

There is also a relation between the cost and the transferring of files into it. That is the reason for the considerable price. If you want to migrate the pictures very fast to edit, then do not forget to purchase the solid-state drive.

  • Drobo

If you want to have the complete backup of your entire profession, then the Drobo is the only prominent option for you all the time. No doubt, it is the most expensive item compared to all the traditional tools in the market. The other name of Drobo is RAID array.

The RAID Array is only helpful for the experienced person, not for the newbies. Suppose that if some of the stored files failed to open, it does not mean that you have lost the data. It provided the complete backup to the users.

Now the real task is going to start for you after having the external drive. One thing exact that there are some negative aspects attached to this entire process. Only two main methods are used for pictures to lightroom. After reading the following detail, it is up to you which option would be best for us.

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Method 1: Use Lightroom

How to backup lightroom to the external hard drive? The use of the lightroom option does not create and headache for the photographer. If you have a brilliant collection of pictures, then the lightroom will provide you the best access. Moreover, all the other works will not disturb anyway. More than 20 thousand pictures can save here. I will not ask you to adopt it ultimately. If you have any other access or budget, then for the best one, leave for others. Some of the cautions have consisted of the lightroom always.

For using the lightroom, first use finds the location of the folder into the computer or laptop. How to save photos in lightroom after editing? You can find the folder on the left side of the library module. After that, press the + button and then add the folder. It means that you are going to start a new folder. While doing this, pick the external drive and make a new folder to that location.

Now, begin to navigate the external drive for creating the new folder where you have to store the pictures. You can also see some related videos by browsing on YouTube. There you can gain more exact detail than reading here.

Method 2: Copy files manually

Are you ready to do some work on yourself? If you are a devoted person, I would like to ask you to choose this method rather than the first one. All the process is straightforward for you.

How to save lightroom photos on the external hard drive? A common man can also do it without getting much experience. It is more durable because when you picked the picture manually and one by one, there will not be a problem for you in the future to locate the files at any time.

On the other hand, if you want to free some space, you can delete some irrelevant pictures. The burden on the external storage device will automatically decrease.

After knowing all the things, the initial step is to find the library module from the lightroom and focus on the folder pane. The module helped to locate the pictures or files.

Wrap Up

Now, “How to backup lightroom photos to external hard drive” will not big issue for you. The detail which showed in above is enough to understand all the processes.

If you still have any problem understanding, then go to YouTube to watch some related videos. I hope that you will pick all the minors and big tasks accurately according to your need. Get all the descriptions step by step and do practice as soon as possible after knowing.

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