You are in search of the best place to sell used camera equipment? It is also one of the tough duties to know what to charge.

Sometimes it is quietly disappointing to know that the value and effectiveness of your camera equipment have been descending with time.

In both of the cases, either you are selling a single lens of a camera, or if you are selling the whole camera with all the related equipment.

There are many ways in which you can sell your camera and get a reasonable and profitable price. Here is the best place to sell used camera gear.

  1. Selling on Auction Sites

It is one of the possible and best places to sell the camera and its equipment. At this site, along with other second-hand things you can sell your camera lenses, equipment, and whole camera at a profitable rate.

eBay is one of the auction websites that gives you a great market to put your equipment among all the buyers.

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But the thing to remember, along with PayPal and eBay fees, you must have to lose 20% of your sale price that you got.

By this, the seller and buyer got protection from the website. If you declare honestly if any damage present in your product, then you will never get any kind of issues.

  1. Facebook Groups

We all are familiar with the power and significance and social media. So it is one of the best places to sell the used camera. It is a new way to sell and buy anything.

As it has the number of social groups. We can say its new market place.

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The best thing is that there is no any commission received by Facebook on any of the camera’s sales. But it does not have any kind of security so you have to sell and buy just on the base of trust.

It would be best if you sell your camera locally because in this situation you can meet the person with whom you are selling your product.

  1. eBay

It is the best place to sell the used camera. It is an online market. eBay has up to ninety million users all over the world and their users are buying and selling things and get dollars every month.

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An easy account set up is provided to the user. So, if you want to sell your camera, and then you have to select a fixed price or you can accept the offer.

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is the other option to sell camera equipment. Here the sellers and the buyers of probably everything can meet up for business purposes.

Here you can give a comprehensive list of all the equipment of the camera. For this purpose, you have to pay a small fee for ads in some areas.

  1. com

Gazella is the right option to sell camera equipment. It is one of the best platforms of all the related electronics of cameras.

At this place, you can get used or even a new camera from the sellers. Here all the equipment and other products based on electronics are first to go through the process of inspection and then resold to the buyer after confirmation.

  1. com

It is another website where you can sell and buys all the cameras. It has been used for up to 30 years.

During dealing, you have to satisfy yourself by considering what actually they are doing and their experience in the business of the camera.

  1. Grid50

It is one of the best marketplace websites. It is specifically catered with people who are concerned with videography and photography.

In this site, you will get all the related equipment of cameras like lenses, DSLRs, pro video cameras, lighting and many more. So, it is the best place to sell used camera gear

Tips To Sell Used Camera Equipment

When it comes to selling used camera gear and if you are looking for comfort and speed, the best option is to do it through the internet.

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This way you will be able to reach the maximum number of possible buyers and your sales probabilities will increase.

To help you with this, in today’s post we show you some tips so you can easily sell used camera gear

Search on the Internet: perform a search on Google to find the best place to sell used camera equipment.

You may discover interesting options to sell your photographic equipment. Basically the best place to sell a camera is given above.

What is your exact model: you must be very clear which one is your reflex camera model.

Determining the model is the best way to sell camera gear and it is basic to be able to put a competitive price and in turn so that the potential buyer knows exactly what he is going to buy.

With or without objective: on many occasions, it is better to try to sell the camera body and separate the objective.

Keep in mind that the buyer may want to change only the camera and want to take advantage of the objectives he already has.

Conservation status and a number of shots: to increase your sales probability, it is essential that the buyer knows this information. You must be objective when specifying the real state of your camera.

Clean the camera: since it is a used item, it is essential that your camera is in the perfect visual state. You must clean each and every one of its parts. A clean camera will always convey more warranty.

Do you have a second battery? And the original box and cables? If you have a 2nd battery, it is recommended that you add it as it is an element that will help sell it.

Also, if you have the box, manuals, cables, it is essential to add them. Remember that what you should always add is the battery charger.

Announcement and quality photographs: when placing an online sales advertisement, it is important that you pay special attention to texts and photographs. Both must be of quality.

Avoid spelling mistakes and specify all relevant information. Do not forget that the photographs should be of quality and whenever possible it is advisable to take several photos of the camera showing all the parts of it.

At what price your “competition” sells: search some of the main second-hand trading platforms (eBay, Grid50,, best place to sell used camera equipment are given above) the price at which your camera is being sold, so you can set a price competitive.

Keep in mind that the valid price is that of “Products Sold” or “Ad finished”. That is the price at which the camera was finally sold.

It facilitates the payment: it is important that you facilitate the maximum of payment methods, do not limit yourself only to the bank transfer. Whenever you can, let them pay you via PayPal or cash on delivery.