10 Best Music App without Wifi or Data


If you like tuning in to music in a hurry however have no data connection on your smartphone then offline applications are your smartest choice! We have listed the top 10 best music applications which will give you admittance to music without Wi-Fi and data connection.

Although there are numerous free applications accessible, these applications have made it to our hit best music app without Wi-Fi or data list in light of their fabulous highlights. All these applications can be downloaded for free however they have extra highlights which can be gained for additional charges.

We’ve gone through the market and made top-notch of the main 10 music applications that don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to empower you to tune in to your #1 music. On this rundown, you’ll find both the iOS and Android applications. It would be ideal if you note, a portion of these administrations offer free forms for advertisement-supported music streaming, yet possibly permit offline listening when you pay a monthly membership. So try to read carefully before choosing what application to download!

1. Google Play Music App

Google Play Music App
Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a pre-installed application in Android Versions 4.4 and higher. Those utilizing forms beneath 4.4 can download it from the Google Play Store. This application is equipped for playing music offline and it permits you to store music by getting to your Google account.

The application is easy to understand and works easily. Including classifications, for example, Artist, Albums, customary Playlist and Songs, Google Play Music has gadgets that will permit you to show the application on Home Screen.

2. Spotify

Spotify music app
Spotify music app

The most famous web-based service on the planet was continually going to discover a spot on this rundown. Spotify has the greatest and the best assortment of music on the planet, within a real sense a huge number of specialists and melodies from everywhere in the world distributing their songs through this application.

It’s accessible on both Android and iOS platforms however in case you’re searching for the offline experience, you’ll need to pay a monthly membership 9.99$ to will open the entirety of the superior choices (which incorporates non-Wi-Fi music listening).

3. Sound Cloud Music and Audio App

Sound Cloud Music and Audio app
Sound Cloud Music and Audio

This is one of the best music apps that don t need Wi-Fi compared to other offline and streaming music applications for Android clients. It gives admittance to an immense cluster of playlists from around the globe. Much the same as numerous different applications, it will give proposals dependent on what you listen to and what has been as of late delivered. It has a close connection to social media, where you can share your judgment regarding music just as your playlists. On the off chance that you don’t have a Wi-Fi association, at that point this application will help as taking your music offline is basic yet viable.

4. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio app

iHeartRadio is a free Android Radio App that has more than 850 radio broadcasts and can work online just as offline. It likewise contains AM and FM and covers an assortment of music including rap, jazz and nation. iHeartRadio streams music however you can likewise download music on it. The offline feature is paid yet it tends to be considered since it comes promotion free and permits limitless utilization. This application likewise plays occasional music on Christmas and so on.

5. Pandora

Pandora app

One of the best apps to listen to music offline, Pandora has a generous rundown of music tracks. Effectively traversable, this music application likewise offers extra highlights like morning timer which will permit you to awaken to your #1 music. The application continually refreshes its assortment with the most recent music. You can likewise look for a specific craftsman or tune, and it will guide you to a radio broadcast with the music of that genre.

6. Apple Music

Apple Music app
Apple Music

As the first organization to perceive the intensity of web music sales with their iPods and iTunes, it’s no big surprise that Apple is on this rundown. Apple Music is its most recent variant of the music streaming application, which is accessible on both iOS and Android stages (which isn’t typically the situation with Apple). If you have an iOS gadget, this application comes as a standard music listening application, while you need to download it for Android.

Likewise, in case you’re an Android client, you need to pay 9.99$ monthly membership to open the entirety of the highlights this application has. However, generally, this is the best music apps for iPhone without Wi-Fi compared to other music listening applications, with a few unique highlights including radio and webcasts, and concerning offline you simply need to tap tunes or playlists for cache download while on the web and you’re all set.

7. Napster

Napster app

Many would call this the first web music supplier back in the mid 00’s nevertheless the Napster application is splendid. It conveys an amazing number of tunes and radio broadcasts without any advertisements. It has an incredible plan and design and is ideal for audience members of any age given the cunning interface. There is additionally no prerequisite for you to have a web association as your music can be taken offline when you need it.

8. Amazon Music

Amazon Music app
Amazon Music

Amazon Music is genuinely standard music streaming application, with the entirety of the alternatives different applications have. You can utilize it for nothing in certain nations, yet in case you’re searching for disconnected tuning in, you’ll be an Amazon Prime part at the expense of a monthly membership. On it, you’ll discover more than 50 million melodies and in case you’re into Indian music, you’ll cherish the way that there are numerous Hindi craftsmen accessible through this application.

9. Deezer

Deezer app

Regardless of whether you need playlists of your number one specialist or need to stay up with the latest with the most recent deliveries, Deezer is here for you. You can make your playlists and tweak them as you see fit while you can customize a look with the goal that proposals are made dependent on your inclinations. Deezer empowers you to get a good deal on your information charges by enabling you to take your music experience offline.

10. Music Player for Android

Music Player for Android app
Music Player for Android

Here and there you need is a straightforward music player application, and the one connected above is one of the best free offline music apps for android. This is a truly decent interface, it is a pleasantly performing media player. It can peruse all your nearby music documents, and from sources, for example, your SD card. It can read music labels, and it can play all your music arranged by playlists, craftsmen collections and envelopes.

It has a decent EQ, which permits you to support the bass or bass or add reverb impacts. It has a couple of various equalizers presets too. It bolsters loads of various music file formats. You can change the topic tone and it has night-mode. So on the off chance that you have a lot of music records that you’ve just purchased and downloaded and you simply need to have a decent application to hear them out then could be a decent choice for you.


We hope that this article has helped you to become more acquainted with the entirety of the best music apps without Wi-Fi that is accessible for offline listening of music. The greater part of these applications is paid, however, there are likewise some that offer free music with no web association required. From downloading and tuning in to the music you originally discovered on the web, to transferring your music information base and effectively tuning in to it anyplace you go, you can be certain you’ll discover something for yourself on this rundown.