Top 10 Best Camera Filter Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020


Any device or a product we use, there comes a need for extra accessories that will be used to enhance the outcome of the usage of that device i.e if I talk about football, then playing football, the extras that we need are football shoes, shin pads, something like that, with television we get a remote control to operate it efficiently.

Talking about the subject which I am here to discuss, a camera comes

best camera filters 2019

with many accessories that are used with it to make the picture look a little more beautiful, a little more exact

and to provide the user with ease to manage some extra operations easily without any manual difficulty.

As far as the modification of the pictures is concerned, the camera filter plays an important part regarding this. From a minor fining of the image to make it completely diffused, there are camera filters that can provide you with these functionalities.

Top 10 Best Camera Filters Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 is still a few weeks out, but that’s not stopping retailers from offering early Black Friday & Cyber Monday Camera Filter Deals. New models introduced this year are driving down the prices of the camera’s filter they are replacing.

Camera filters are used to modify the recorded images. Sometimes they are used to make some fine changes to the images, and there comes a time when the image click is not possible without using this accessory.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Camera Filters Reviews for 2020, So that you can select the perfect one as per your requirements for filters your images

1. 58MM Altura Black Friday Deals

Some filters are used to affect the relative brightness of the images, some just change the color balance. Hence, many different functionalities are covered with different camera filters 2019

The filter I am about to discuss, 58MM Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit includes three of the most important filters available for your camera kit.

This inexpensive filter is pretty good in construction, provides protection to the lenses from scratches, remove unwanted flares and reflections and control the exhibition of oneself and the depth of field in bright light.

This highly useful camera filter kit which is affordable as well helps you to improve the image quality you take whether you are a beginner or a professional or you clicked a still shot or recorded a video.

Let’s jump towards what the kit includes:

  • Camera models:Canon rebel(T6i,T6,T6s,T5i,T5,T4i,T3i,T2i,T1i,XT,XTi,XSi)
  • Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit
  • Backed with digital Goja 90-Day 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • High-Quality optical filters
  • Lens compatibilities
VU Filter Features:

  • Altura Photo UV filter
  • Altura Photo CVL
  • Altura Photo ND4 filter
  • Altura Photo CPL
  • Altura Photo Protective Carry Pouch


Compatible with all lenses featuring a 58mm front filter thread including:

  • Nikon AF-S 50mm F/1.4
  • Fuji XF 18-55mm F/2.8-4 R O.I.S
  • Canon EOS EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM
  • Canon EOS EF-S 55-250mm F/4-5.6 IS STM
  • Nikon AF-S DX 55-300mm F/4.5-5.6 VR

The most important lens filters you can own is the Altura Photo UV filter. This filter is a very cost-effective way to protect your camera lens from dust, fingerprints, scratches or any accidental bumps. It also provides protection against moisture.

The Altura photo CPL filters remove undesired reflections from the surfaces other than metal such as glass or water. These filters take richer panoramic photos and observe improved clarity in far-flung objects by cutting through haze and increasing color impregnation.

The natural density(ND) filters are neutrally greyish and designed to lower the amount of light passing through the lens. The ND4 filter reduces your exhibition by 2-stops, allowing for greater control over depth-of-field.

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A very much inexpensive camera filter kit with as many features, I just loved it. It provided a complete satisfaction to me regarding my pictures. The pros and cons of the kit are described in tabular form below:

  • Distinct colors
  • Mostly reflects the light away
  • Lenses glass protection
  • Not difficult to adjust exposure

  • Wiring it will be an issue, just do it slowly
  • UV filter is not good at night sometimes
  • Hard spinning it off from the thread of your lens

2. 49MM Altura Cyber Monday Deals

I went on a trip with my friends to Hawaii. I took my camera with me so that it would not be a waste of a tour as some memories will come back with me in the form of photos. I just had a UV filter for the protection of the camera lens, nothing camera filter 2019

While we were on our journey, a friend of mine broke the only filter that I had with my camera and that was for the protection of the lens. Now, I had lost the only protection I had for the camera. It just spoiled my mood and I didn’t take any pictures of anything on the tour. Hence, we came back.

While I was home just scrolling my Facebook, the door knocked, it was my friend who broke my camera lens filter. He came with a filters kit in his hands. It was 49MM Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit.

I was so happy with this kind gesture of my friend that he bought me this useful kit for my camera. Not only do I have a UV filter again for my camera but two other very important filters for the camera. It just made my day.

I immediately took my camera and gave those filters a run. All of those filters were amazing. Now, not only did I have protection for my lens filters but also protection against any unwanted glare and the control of exposure and depth of field in the light.

The camera filters were so good. I thanked my friend and just enjoyed shooting with those filters all day. Altura photo offers a vast variety of camera accessories, ranging from cleaners for lenses to bags to flashes and much more. It has satisfied its customers very much with its products and I am in a count among those who are satisfied. I enjoyed using this kit.

Coming to its features and what it includes, the kit has Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit (UV, CPL Polarizer, Neutral Density ND4) for the camera lens, filter pouch, MagicFiber Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth.

It has high-quality optical filters for lens protection and image amplification. It also includes a padded storage pouch for safety from any damage and a safe journey.


A very less time consuming and less irritating thing about these filters is that they get off easily after whenever they are stacked up. I don’t have to do any extra effort to take them off.

None of my clicks have shown any camera lens flare yet. There was a little problem when the camera was showing double images but that’s nothing, it was just this that when the camera auto-focuses badly, then I got double images.

Overall, it is a very good kit product, I have discussed some of the highs and lows of this kit in the table below:

VU Filter Features:

  • Altura Photo CPL
  • Altura Photo UV Filter
  • Altura Photo ND4 Filter
  • Altura Photo Protective Carry Pouch


Compatible with all lenses featuring a 49mm front filter thread including:

  • Sony E-mount 18-55mm
  • Sony E-mount 55-210mm
  • Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 STM

  • Good quality
  • Reflects light most of the time
  • Lens glass protection
  • Inexpensive
  • Less work on adjustment in the daylight

  • Not with any warranty
  • Only 49mm lens compatibility

3. 67MM Altura Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

I have discussed other Altura photo professional filter kits before as I think that Altura kit is much more satisfactory than other ones. The difference is just of the compatibility that the kit camera lens filter

Now this one is the 67MM Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit which is compatible with the 67MM camera lens. Altura photo is providing its users with very much affordable products with superior performance.

The 67mm lens camera is perfect for close up photography because it allows you to keep your camera lens closer to the point than ever before. Using these camera lens filters with that lens results in a picture as if it has touched perfection.

The same three most important features are included in it as well which I have explained in the previous Altura photo filter kits: protection from scratches, removal of unwanted reflections and control of exposure and depth of field in the light.

The filters help you improve the quality of the images you click no matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the usage is so much easy.

It was actually a kit gifted to me from my aunt on my birthday as she knows how much crazy I am about photography. I must say, my aunt knew my choice very well. 67mm lens photo was going well normally as well as a close shot but when these filters were added, I thought for a second that the image character is right on my face, it was perfect.

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The Kit includes Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit (UV, CPL Polarizer, Neutral Density ND4) for Camera Lens + Filter Pouch + MagicFiber Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth. High-quality optical filters for lens protection and image boost.

This kit is Compatible with the Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit with EF-S 18-135mm, CANON REBEL (T6i T6 T5i T5 T4i T3i T2i), EOS (700D 650D 600D 550D 70D 60D 7D) DSLR Cameras with the 18-135mm EF-S IS STM Zoom Lens.

I have been using this kit since the last year and it is still going well. The three filters which are provided in this kit are just okay to go in any condition. The Altura photo UV filter is the most important one that you can own. It is a very cost-effective solution for protection against dust, moisture, and accidental scratches.

The CPL best camera lens filter removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic planes and the Altura photo ND4 filter is normally grey-toned and is designed to lessen the amount of light that passes through the lens. There is a protective carry pouch with the package for the safe portability of the filters.

As everything comes with its highs and lows, so these are discussed below in the table:

VU Filter Features:

  • Altura Photo UV Filter
  • Altura Photo CPL
  • Altura Photo ND4 Filter
  • Altura Photo Protective Carry Pouch


Compatible with all lenses featuring a 67mm front filter thread including:

  • Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO
  • Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-300 F/4.5-5.6
  • Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 18-140MM F/3.5-5.6
  • Canon EF-S 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 STM

  • Good quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Protective pouch within the package

  • Compatible only with 67mm camera lens
  • Hard to spin off from the thread of the lens

4. Neewer 4 Pieces Filter Kit Deals 2020

I am a videographer by profession. As the trends regarding anything in the world change rapidly, so is affected by the trend of videography. Now this profession has jumped on to another camera lens filter 2019

People ask more for a drone angle recording than simple ground-level videography. What else? I bought one drone camera to get going with the new trend.

With the drone photo, you can take pictures and audio/video that may not be possible for photographers and videographers. This ability can be flash triggered by the aircraft’s ability to fly, its small size, or its ability to tolerate harsh environments.

The drone photo often allows a first-person view (FPV), which would not normally be achievable. There are many different drone sizes and designs, including fixed-wing with a propeller or jet engine, as well as many rotor-based designs. I bought a drone quadcopter, that one was a fine one for the requirements which I wanted to fulfill.

The quality of the videos I recorded with that drone was good but as you all know, “more and more” is an approach of the universe. Everyone wants to get more, even if perfection is reached, they still wish to get a little more than that.

So, as I am concerned with the quality of my videos, so for them meeting the approach, there was a requirement of filters that would enhance the image qualitatively. I then bought this Neewer 4 Pieces Filter Kit for my quadcopter.

First, I thought that it is going to be a waste as it is not that much expensive so the quality will hardly be satisfactory but on usage, I realized that I paid least for the best. This 4 Pieces Filter Kit is all that I needed. The difference in the quality of my videos is prominent.

Now I am getting more and more work as my showcase has been enlightened as I am using this filter kit in my videography.

Neewer is a dynamic multinational company specializing in the development of products in the photography, cinema and music industry and by experiencing the use of one of the products of this company, I must say that they really have specialized in what they are producing.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of this kit: Extremely lightweight construction (1.42 grams) for smooth operation in adverse movements to avoid overloading the Antiochus and stopping the reaction, Aluminum frame sealing ring provides better tightening that can be dropped or loosened, ND4 reduces the exposure by 2 levels.

ND8 reduces exposure by 3 levels. The ND16 reduces the exposure by 4 levels. The ND32 reduces exposure by 5 levels.

It has been a month since I am using this camera lens filters kit and no such problem have I faced till now. I am thinking about continuing with this kit because I am getting the result as required, why should I spend any more on any other one.

Look at the table below for the highs and the lows:]

VU Filter Features:

Material: HD Optical Glass; Aluminum Alloy Frame
Each Filter Weight: 0.05 ounce / 1.42 grams

Package Contents:

  • 1 x ND4 Lens Filter
  • 1 x ND8 Lens Filter
  • 1 x ND16 Lens Filter
  • 1 x ND32 Lens Filter

5. 58MM Complete Lens Filter Deals

Camera lens filters still have many applications in digital photography and should be an important part of a photographer’s bag.

This may be polarizing filters to reduce reflection and increase saturation or just ultraviolet/fog filters to give extra protection to the front of the lens. Lens filter is an important component providing ease to work out different filter lens

This 58MM Lens Filter Accessory Kit is a complete lens filters kit which include an ultraviolet(UV), circular polarizer(CPL), fluorescent FLD, a 4 piece closeup lens set (+1, +2, +4, +10), 58MM Altura photo natural density(ND) set (ND2, ND4, ND8), a carry pouch, a foldable rubber lens hood and many more.

I have a 58MM lens thread size camera and have been using this kit for 2 years and I am completely satisfied and not in a mood for changing my kit yet.

This kit is providing me with all that I need. This kit is a great one for the price. The filters require great handling as they are thin but it is acceptable. As for the hanging, there are 10 filters included in the kit. I must tell you that buying this kit was not my first choice.

MY friend asked me to buy higher branded filters. It is obvious that the more money you put into things, the more qualitative results you get but the quality of the images taken with this filters kit of filters speaks for itself and my money is not wasted a bit. A complete satisfactory is what I have achieved since I have started using this kit.

The CPL filter will be the best choice for you in most of the times unless you shoot in the dark. The image quality is so high that I can confidently say that you can get the blues from the sky and the colors that can be entitled as a “Bingo”.

This filter also helps in keeping in control the UV being an issue. The macro filters in this kit are inexpensive and a pretty good alternative to a lens. Provided that this lens cannot produce that much of a qualitative image a true macro lens can, but it is a good “cheat” until you can buy one. The rubber collapsible hood has threads on the front and back so you can attach more in front of it.

The carry pouches are very good, soft padded, limited loose dust. Some of the cases are just folded plastic sheets but these ones are much better than those. The packaging on delivery was very good, it was packed carefully to avoid any kind of damage.

The threading of the filters is a bit issue when the filters are used separately, they work great but when they are threaded, they are very likely to get stuck together so you should be careful when stacking the camera lens filters.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Complete accessory kit
  • Good carry pouches
  • Protected packaging on delivery

  • Filter threading issue
  • Not highly qualitative but a good “cheat”
  • Compatible only with 58mm lenses

6. 77 Altura Filter Kit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

A camera filter is a helpful accessory that can assist photographers in taking better pictures from the camera.

They can enhance the colors and decrease the light entering into the lens. There are different types of lens filters and all are developed to offer a specific effect because each filter can improve the final results of all the images.77MM altura camera filter kit

To increase the quality of your pictures Altura brings its 77MM professional photography filter kit for camera lens with 77MM Filter thread and filter pouch. This filter can be used to take amazing pictures that will be praised for your viewers.

The Altura Picture filters are suitable for use with all types of 77mm photographic lenses. Before you obtain one of these filters you should check the thread dimensions of your camera lens.

The dimensions of your camera lens are mentioned at some place on lens barrel or written beneath the cap of your lens. To find out the thread dimensions of your camera you should search for the “Ø” symbol.

This is a diameter symbol and if your lens thread dimension is 77mm then you can view this description underneath the cap of your camera lens Ø = 77mm lens thread dimension.

What I Like?

The Altura offers high-quality optical filters for securing your lens and improving your images quality.

This filter is suitable for the CANON 70 to 200mm f/2.8L IS II USM, 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM, 16-35mm f/4L IS USM Lenses.

You may also attach this filter to the SIGMA 24mm f/1.4 Art DG HSM.

This lens is also suitable with 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art,

Camera professionals can combine this filter with 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM FLD

77MM Altura offers the Photography Improvement Filter Kit to professional photographers with UV and CPL Polarizer for camera Lens with a filter thread size of 77MM. You may also find Neutral Density Neutral Density ND4 for camera Lens with the mentioned filter thread size.

The top-notch photography filter set by Altura Photo consists of three picture enhancing filters offered for the professional camera equipment.

You can secure your lens from scratches and eliminate extra glare from your pictures by attaching Altura filter to your lenses. These filters can also remove reflections from your photographs and improves your focus and alignment of lenses in the bright light.

This filter is for all types of photographers ranging from beginners to professional photography experts. It can make your stills perfect and videos absolutely terrific. These economical and very helpful filters can assist in taking high-quality pictures.

  • Spherical Polarizing filters can prevent extra reflections
  • Non-metallic surfaces
  • High resolution dazzling pictures

  • Threading the filter can be bit difficult
  • Should not use the UV filter at night

7. Essential Accessory Kit for PowerShot Deals

Essential Accessory filter Kit digital camera lenses offer the best results to your pictures. This kit has been designed to improve your picture quality improving the crispiness of your photographs.

The photographers can obtain plenty of benefits from this filter kit, for example, they can reduce the extra glare from their pictures and capture their photographs in perfect color quality.

What I Like?

The camera filter set consists of 67mm Lens Adapter Ring. You may also find 67mm Altura Photo three-piece filter set that comes with ultraviolet UV and Polarizer CPL. When you buy the kit you can also find Neutral Density ND4 filter with the filter set.

There is a surprise for the customers who can obtain a filter carrying pouch with the kit. This product comes with 67mm Collapsible Rubber Lens Hood and 67mm Center Pinch Lens Cap. You can keep the filter and camera clean with the help of softly fabric MagicFiber and Microfiber filter and lens cleaning cloth.

The high-quality lens adapter ring for 67mm lens size enables the photographers to benefit from 67mm filters to take exquisite pictures. The filter kit comes with the lens accessories that are perfectly adjustable with the Canon PowerShot digital camera.

High-Resolution 67mm Altura Photo three-piece filter kit consists of Ultraviolet UV filter and Spherical Polarizer CPL together with Neutral Density ND4. Filter kit offers extra security and enables the photographers to take perfect pictures. This type of filter is suitable for taking photographs at different locations.

This filter is compatible with Canon PowerShot series SX530 HS, SX50 HS and SX40 are. You may also use this filter with Canon PowerShot SX520 HS, SX60 HS, SX10 IS, SX 30 IS, SX1 IS.

You should note that Canon PowerShot SX60 and SX530 HS Adapter Ring should be used with the 67MM lens cap. The lens cap of your camera may not be compatible with your camera lens with the adapter ring is attached to the lens.

  • Filter kit is perfectly designed
  • offer a firm and tight fit
  • Reduces cross-threading
  • Adjusted conveniently

  • Extra filters will place a shadow on your objects
  • Shadow on your macro-shots

8. 40.5MM Altura Filter Kit + Filter Pouch Review

Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter set can be the beneficial equipment for your photography pursuits. It is an economical filter set for securing your digital lens from moisture and filter kit

This type of filter can also protect your camera lens filters from wind, fingerprints, and scratches. It is helpful for keeping your lens safe from accidental bumps.

What I Like?

The filter kit consists of Altura Photography Filter with UV and CPL polarizer filters. There is an additional Neutral Density ND4 filter in the filter set. When you buy the filter kit you will obtain a camera Lenses for Astrophotography and a filter pouch as a part of the package. You may also obtain a lens cleaning cloth made from MagicFiber Microfiber material.

When you buy the product you will receive top-quality photographic filters for securing a lens that can improve your picture quality.

The filter can offer rich contrast of colors to the pictures because of their excellent color filter capacity.

Altura photo professional photography filter can reflect most of the extra light entering through the lens making them an excellent choice for professional photographers.

You need a lesser amount of work for configuring the exposure and necessary settings when you have to take photographs during in the dazzling daylight.

Sometimes you may have to adjust the UV filter for taking the pictures at night because it will capture extra light in your pictures.

Sometimes you may have to apply a bit of an effort in spinning off the filter on the thread of the camera lens.

The package includes a supply pouch for secure storage and traveling. You can conveniently rotate the front side ring of the filter to obtain the desired effect for your pictures.

Altura Neutral ND4 filters are made with the neutral gray colored tone that can remove the extra amount of light entering the lens. The ND4 filters can remove the extra light exposure by two levels, providing a greater configuration over line and length adjustment.

When you work with this filter you will find out that it offers an excellent solution for extra light and color enhancement. An ND4 filter is a bonus gadget for photographers who want to improve the quality of their pictures.

The pictures are taken in a perfectly colored format with the help of the filters and the photographer doesn’t have to configure the F stop to the top level of twenty-two plus. The polarizer can help the photographer in taking pictures during the extra daylight photography.

40.5MM Altura photo professional photography filter kit offers top quality filters to the photographers who want to take crisp pictures. The UV filter helps the photographer to take pictures in the outdoor environments with plenty of sunlight-capturing the sky with blue color. The CP filter helps in taking pictures of the water on which the light is reflecting.

  • Rich contrast of colors
  • Reflect most of the extra light
  • Lesser amount of work for configuring

  • Threading the filter
  • Adjust the UV filter
  • Effort in spinning off the filter

9. 77MM Altura Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Altura photo neutral density professional photography filter set is one of the most reliable photography equipment when it comes to taking professional pictures. This best camera filters set has exceptional results and it can improve your pictures making them perfect for showing to your clients.77mm altura camera filter

The professional photographers can take pride in the fact that they have taken pictures with the Altura photo neutral density professional photography filter set because this filter set can be combined with their cameras to take outstanding photographs.

What I Like?

This filter set is compatible with Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM and 16-35mm f/4L IS USM Lenses. Additionally, the filter can also be attached to the 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM and 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lenses.  You may combine these filters with the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens.

When you buy the filters you can obtain Altura Photo 77MM Neutral Density Professional Photography Filter Set (ND2, ND4, ND8). You may also obtain a lens cleaning MagicFiber Microfiber Cloth that can reduce the dust and smudges from your lens.

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The filter can reduce the amount of light that enters the lens from one, two and three levels. It facilitates lesser shutter speeds and broader apertures in extra daylight.

Altura Photo Neutral Density filters can be an excellent choice of equipment for any photographers who want to take professional pictures. These simple yet sleek filters can improve the result of your pictures.

Neutral density filters can adjust the amount of light passing through your lens, allowing you to view your items for the longer duration of time. The ND8 offers three f-stop reduction and the ND4 offers two f-stop reduction.

The ND2 offers 1 f-stop reduction to improve your picture quality. You can attach the stack filter for a total of six f-stop reduction.

The ND filters can be connected with the camera lens to focus on motion or to enhance the calmness in your busy scenes making them appear surreal.

One of the benefits of ND filters is that they can also be connected with the camera lens for making larger apertures, to produce lesser depth in the region for taking pictures. That enables the photographers to take sharper photos.

  • obtaining the right results
  • Filters come with cleaning cloth
  • Decrease the extra light entering your lens

  • Needs to adjust the images
  • Filters might need to be configured

10. 72 MM Altura Filter Kit for Camera Lens – Professional Photography Filter Review

Altura photo professional photography filter kit offer state of the art filters for your camera. A filter can change the definition of your pictures and increase their resolution so that you can impress your viewers with your photographs.72MM camera filter

Filters can apply a number of effects on your pictures, for instance, they can make them crisp or enhance their color saturation. Therefore, photographers can select a filter for improving their photographs by changing their picture’s appearance.

The filters can bring many changes to the photographs, for example, some of the filters are colored therefore they can bring a color highlight to the pictures making them look different from the actual photographic environment.

The best part about Altura photo professional photography filters is that you don’t need to use image editors to apply different types of effects to pictures like contrasts and color brightness. These filters can also manage the amount of light entering your camera lens making it easier to take clear pictures in the extra daylight.

You may reduce the extra reflections from the sunlight by using these filters. They can eliminate any light oriented distortions in the photographs you take from the camera making the crisp and clear.

What I Like?

The filter set includes Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit that comes with a UV filter and a CPL Polarizer. There is an additional Neutral Density ND4 filter offered with the kit so that you can improve your picture quality in extra daylight.

When you buy the package you will obtain a filter pouch together with supple MagicFiber Microfiber cloth that is perfect for cleaning the filter.

The filter set also offers top-quality camera filters for improving the pictures and keeping the lens secure.

There is an additional soft secure pouch for saving your filters provided with the kit.

All the filters can be easily attached to the lens and they can also be easily removed.

The filters allow the photographers to take high resolution clear pictures from the digital camera

You may need to take several pictures with the filter to learn about how to obtain the right results.

The filters can be configured easily and you can apply different effects to your pictures by attaching them to your camera lens.

You may need to adjust the lens and filters a little bit to prevent double images.

The polarizer works against your camera’s autofocus and may make your images darker adding a double image to your photographs.

As a precaution, you need to adjust your camera’s autofocus settings and view your camera’s autofocus indicator while taking pictures so that you know when the picture quality is perfect

  • The UV filter can protect the lens
  • All the filters can be easily attached
  • High-resolution clear pictures from the digital camera
  • Easy configured

  • It can be a bit difficult to take the UV filter
  • You may get lens flare
  • Polarizer works against your camera’s autofocus