With the continuous growth of social media popularity, taking good pictures has become commonplace. In addition to all this, the advancement of technology has allowed us very advanced cameras on the phones themselves.

Now you do not even have to have a professional camera to take a good quality photo. But when everyone has good cameras, how can you stand out from the crowd?

Yes, one of the ways to take a unique and impressive image is to have talent. For those who do not have such talent and those who do, some tricks can increase the photo’s attractiveness. The most commonly used tool for image enhancement today is in Photoshop.

The Best Photoshop Photography Effects 2020

Photoshop has many options that you can use to enhance your photography. Professional photographers use it to correct the mistakes made during the photo shoot. If they do not like the light or the contrast of the image, they adjust it using this application.

The application itself is so advanced that today you probably cannot find a picture in magazines and blogs without at least a bit of Photoshop. An ideal and subtle tool for correcting some of our imperfections, as well as better capture of nature images, can be improved with these tools.

But what are the most effective and easiest tools for enhancing your photography? If you want to keep reading, follow the link: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Adobe-Photoshop-Tools.

Chop, chop, chop!

Although it may seem like an unnecessary thing to say, cropping the picture can really change the composition and enhance the photo’s beauty. No matter what the object on the photo is, it is essential that you crop all the unnecessary things in the background for the essential parts to outstand.

There are many tutorials on how to properly crop photography, but all you need is a few attempts to crop it just the way it should be. The tool for cropping is on the toolbar, and when you click it, it will show you the edges and borders of the image.

There are 9 squares that will help you follow the “Golden Rule” of cropping. You can click on the corners and start dragging to adjust how you want to crop the image.

It is all about the light!
Photoshop Effect

You can take the picture from the best possible angle, but you will have a low-quality photo if your light is terrible.  Sometimes it is hard to have the right angle and the right light at the same time.

That is why the second step when you are doing photoshop is adjusting the shadows and the light. If you have a too light picture, the details will be lost, and the same thing will happen if the image is too dark. You can get a licensed version of Adobe Photoshop South Africa and enjoy every possible tool.

There are two options for adjusting and correcting the light and shadows of your photography. The first one is by adjusting the levels. You can access this option by going to image, then adjustments, and finally, levels. Simply drag the levels of white and black to accomplish what you want.

If this option does not seem quite what you need, you can always go to Shadows/Highlights following the same path as before. In the box that will pop up on the screen, you can find other options that will help you change the image as much as you like.

Fix the blurring  

It can sometimes happen that the object or the model or even your hand has moved. This will affect the focus on the picture, and it can come out a bit blurry. But nothing to worry about. There is a tool in photoshop that will help you get rid of this problem.

In these kinds of situations, you need something to sharpen the photo, right? Well, Photoshop has the right tool for you, and it is a tool for sharpening. It is super easy to use and makes a tremendous difference in pictures.

The really good thing about this tool is that you can adjust both the strength and the size of the tool itself for a different photo. You can even select a small piece of the image if you want only a specific part to be sharpened.

You can click on the filter button on the menu bar and find “sharpen” right below. There is even a Smart Sharpen option, which will make the whole image sharper.

Fixing the imperfections 

Imperfections indeed make a person perfect, but sometimes there is something we just do not want to show the whole world. This is where the Healing tool comes in handy.

If it is an up-close photo, there can be marks on our face that we like to cover up. The most effective tool for this is the healing brush. Using this tool helps town down certain parts of the picture.

The power of double expose

The Power of Double Expose

Last but certainly not least is this excellent option of double-exposed images. Photoshop has tools that make it super easy to accomplish breathtaking pictures.

For starters, prepare two images that you like to double expose. Drag them into Photoshop to create 2 layers. It is easy to manipulate with them by different photoshop tools such as opacity level and removing the unwanted details from the other photo. As you can see, you can do whatever you want with your image.